Weekend Challenge


*flails arms and does happy dance*

The weekend is almost like a little celebratory party signifying you made it through another stressful, work-filled week. And what’s better than knowing it’s the holiday season on top of that?

The holiday season represents many things, but it mostly identifies with love, goodwill, and cheer. So how do we show that as best as we can? Tell people about Jesus.

What better way to share love, goodwill, and cheer than to give the gift of faith? And doesn’t that make the weekend celebration a lot more exciting?

This weekend I challenge you to share your faith in a way you normally wouldn’t. Don’t be timid, but bold. Tell the cashier at Kroger that Jesus loves her. Give a homeless person a Bible. Take the Gospel to the streets. It doesn’t matter what you do, just go above and beyond whatever it is you normally do. Show the love of Jesus. Bring joy to the holidays. Make the weekend a celebration. But celebrate Jesus. Share Jesus. Live, breathe, and move Jesus. Be a light. Be bold. Challenge yourself.


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