Fashion Forward

OOTN 1/9/16

It’s a fashion frenzy!!!!!!!

There is a certain dress that has been all the rage down here in Georgia so I thought I’d give a little peek at what everyone’s been buzzing about!


The dress is available at many different stores but this was purchased online at Threadology for $35 ands is absolutely gorgeous! It is perfect for layering or just to wear alone. The cotton fabric is probably the comfiest thing ever! (It feels like you’re wearing a giant T-shirt!) The hi-lo effect of the dress compliments its simplicity and gives it just a touch of boho chic/edginess.

They come in so many different, vibrant colors that it’s sure to make you stand out in the crowd! I personally want every color there is! And I can’t convey how comfy, flowy, and elegant this dress is! The length of the it is spectacular and meets all my modesty needs as well as everything else. Got church? Don’t worry about pulling and pushing when you worship because it keeps everything covered and in place allowing you to get what you need from Jesus and look cute doing it! 😉


Here my BFF Abbi and I are matching! She is wearing the tan dress and I have the dark teal dress. Aren’t we the cutest matching besties ever?!?

I chose to pair my dress with a bright blanket scarf and suede pointy-toed heels with the cutest little bows! Just so happens that they match perfectly!

There are ENDLESS possibilities for this dress. It can be dressed up,dressed down, worn layered, worn alone, and it looks beautiful anyway you do it! I highly recommend this dress and simply hope you love it as much as I do! Chaio Bella!



Dress- Threadology $35

Scarf- Forever 21 $12

Shoes- momma’s closet?


Haylie Clark


Anna Clack



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