Fashion Forward

3 Reasons to wear white during winter

Guten Abend! (May I practice my German on y’all?)

The fashion industry has laid out rule after rule dictating what we can wear when and how, but lately things have taken a turn in the ‘freestyle’ direction. So now that everyone is doing the unthinkable and dressing in their own style rather than what is legislated by Paris, how about we veto that age-old law concerning white during winter?

I’ve heard it with stern reprimand ever since I was a child: “Thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day.” (Not quite like that, but it sounded better as the 11th commandment.) But why? Why can’t I wear white during fall and winter? Is it some kind of unspoken sin?!? I surely think not! So let me give you a few reasons why I think this absurd fashion rule ought to be a thing of the past.

  1. Winter is the season of white.

Winter is immediately associated with snow and ice. Oh glorious snow. So beautiful, dainty, and WHITE. If the largest representation of winter just so happens to be that banned color, why is IT white? Shouldn’t it be purple or something? Because white just simply can’t be any part of winter, that’s why. 😒(sarcasm) I say that white is the essential mascot of winter and if it is everywhere around you then you should be able to sport it in your clothes. I mean, doesn’t it just look lovely in snowy pictures?

These ensembles are absolutely stunning with a snowy white background. It makes the outfit look so elegant and it coordinates beautifully.

2. It doesn’t have to look springy just because it’s white.

Everyone, especially my mother, has this notion that it must be a spring item iaccesorizeite. Not so. White can be an any season color. Pair the white with some darker shades to get a deeper-toned effect if you don’t want to jump on the all-white wagon right away. That’s okay. (Although the wagon wearing cute and fashionable!) Or you can accesorize! Throw on a cute scarf or fur vest and BAM! you’ve got a wintery white, fashion forward look but in a mild, more conservative way. For example…


The starch-white sweater and off-white high waisted skirt are complimented perfectly by an adorable cheetah printed clutch and neutral cowl. Isn’t this modest outfit simply gorgeous?

3. White is the new black.

It goes with everything. It’s one of those neutral colors that blend amazingly with just about anything you put with it and once you start wearing it all the time, you just can’t live without it. So why would you mournfully set aside your favorite base color just because it’s past Labor Day? Winter is now in full swing (except for here down South where Momma Nature just really can’t seem to figure what she wants to do…bless her heart) and if now isn’t the time to break out those white beauties then I don’t know what is!

That being said, I’d like to introduce y’all to a lovely little modest shop called Apostolic Clothing. You can find them at where they have beautiful tops, skirts, and dresses all made to keep you looking marvelous as well as modest. I do some modeling for them on occasion and I have been so pleased with all the items I’ve received from the photo shoots. They fit well and look amazing! Here’s a wintery white, victorian-style dress that is brand new to their site and going quickly! Screenshot_2016-01-12-00-57-55_kindlephoto-23609881

The dress in all its loveliness features ruffled cuffs and collar, floweredy lace striping the front of the chest, small black buttons, and a matching belt. It fits to a tee and looks and feels amazing! I suggest you go look at all the other gorgeous items they sell!

But back to my original point, wearing white during the winter season shouldn’t be a crime. It is a beautiful color to wear year round and sport fashionably with your head and standards held high! 😉 So don’t be scared to break that ol’ Labor Day rule. Be a fashion forward, freestylin’, rule breakin’, white wearin’ fashionista!

Tchüss, Liebling!

(Goodbye, darling!) 😄


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