Letter to My Best Friend

Dear best friend,

You know that feeling you get whenever you see the waiter bringing your food? That’s how I feel when I’m with you. A combination of excitement, happiness, and joy.

Sadly, I know that joy won’t last forever. The harsh reality of friendship is that there are rough spots. Just like any marriage or relationship, we’ll argue and get mad sometimes, but that’s okay.

Sure, I know I sound totally crazy saying that it’s okay if we argue and get mad, but it’s true. It’s okay. It will always be okay.

The way I see it, getting along all the time is easy. It makes for an easy relationship and zero problems. But when you fight, things get tested. Questions are asked, people are concerned, and feelings are hurt. But it all heals.

The best part about conflict is the resolution. The part where you make up. The part where things settle down and you recognize the problem, address it, then fix it. And that’s why the arguing is okay. Because it makes things stronger. It tests your relationship and then strengthens it when you make it through. It builds new bonds that can’t be broken.

So that’s why it’s okay. I know that through the years we will fuss and fight just as much as we laugh until we cry. But the years will make us stronger. Bring us closer together. Because we will always be better together than apart.

So I look forward to living this life with you and growing old together. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. You bring out the best in me. And through every moment in time, I will always love you. Always and forever, forever and always.


Your best friend


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