Monday Morning Musings


Good morning my dears!

I have decided to begin a series that I will post once a week called Monday Morning Musings. Nothing spectacular, just a little dose of life advice and such. So without further adieu, my first series post!


I spoke with a friend a while back who was asking some questions regarding friendships and in the midst of me trying to advise her, I created this strange but effective analogy that I feel explains everything all at one time. I call it the Shopping Mall and Food Analogy.

Every person will have two types of friends in their life: the shopping mall kind and the food kind. Let’s begin with the shopping mall friends.

When you go shopping and find something you like in a store, you purchase it. Keep in mind that you must exchange something in order to keep that item: money. Once you are finished looking around, you may choose to stay there a little while longer or you may choose to leave. In that same way, these are the friends that are flashy and catch the eye, but they are not constant in your life. When you become their friend, you make an exchange. You give something in order to receive something. Before long, you will have left that “shopping mall” and moved on. But when you go home, you still have that item to hang in your closet. You are no longer in contact with the store, but you got something out of it. Sometimes we have friends in our lives that we don’t stay in contact with and we have to move on from, but every morning that we get up, we have a closet full of memories, influences, and habits we received from them that we can choose to clothe our selves with. You know how sometimes you look at a shirt you bought years ago and question why you ever thought it was cute? Sometimes we need to sort through our proverbial closet and find those things. The habits we got from that person years ago but now realize aren’t good. Get rid of them. You wouldn’t get dressed in something ugly, so why would you dress your attitude in something ugly? Just because it is a reminder of your time with that old friend doesn’t mean you need to keep it. Get rid of the emotionally ugly things and keep all the cute, nice ones and use those to dress yourself with every morning.

These seasonal friends are extremely necessary because they teach us new lessons and give us memories to keep, but they come and go. So don’t worry when someone leaves your life. They were there for reason, but only for a season.

Food friends are constant and never changing. Why? Because food is necessary and vital for existence. You can’t live without it. These friends are always there no matter what and you can always count on them. Sometimes you even have fast food friends: the kind of person you meet and right away know that you are destined to be best friends. And in the same way fast food is, they are kind of like your guilty pleasure. But not really the guilty part. 😊 Food friends are the best friends. And you can’t go a day without them. Equally, there might be times when you ‘diet.’ Relationships get strained and sometimes you have to step away for a while, but the diet eventually ends and everything comes back to the way it should be.

Every person is placed in your life by God for a specific reason. Sometimes they are only there to show you something in yourself or help you and then leave, but that’s why we also have faithful, constant friends too. They are always a part of your life and they always stay by your side. So find the food friends in your life and hang on to them and appreciate the shopping mall friends while you have them.


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