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Radical Christianity

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This Friday during ladies’ prayer, something struck my heart that I haven’t been able to shake. We hear so much about ISIS and radical Islam these days but has anyone proposed radicalism to Christians? I want to be real with y’all and just get it out there that I feel a sense of complacency in Christians today. We have become so laid back in our faith and just downright lazy to the point where we expect God to do everything for us and whatever happens, happens. Well I’m tired of it. I am so sick and tired of sitting around and feeling like I’m not doing anything for the Kingdom of God. The Scripture says that faith without works is dead. Since faith and works go hand in hand, you must have both. So even if you have faith and believe God can do it, unless you put the work and effort into your situation, God probably is just gonna leave it alone. It’s time to do something.

Muslims follow the Qur’an without question and to the dotting of every ‘i’ and crossing of every ‘t’. So why do we as Christians not do the same? We have real truth given to us in the Bible but we are so hypocritical and pick and choose what we want to live by. NO, NO, NO. The Word of God stands true and is just and righteous. We need to get a hold on the Scripture and apply it to our lives and live by it. Die by it. Do according to what it says and nothing less. Come out of sin and live in conjunction with God’s Word.

Ever notice how willing radicalists are to die for their cause or for Allah? Why can’t we be that way too? Christians need to band together and fight for the Kingdom and spread the Gospel of Jesus. We must be ready and willing to die on behalf of our beliefs but that also requires living right and according to the Bible. (Some people need to think about that

Radical Christianity doesn’t exist but it needs to. Be the light of the world. Be crazy for Jesus. Be willing and be ready. Fight.


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