Why I’m Still Shopping At Target

With Target’s latest announcement regarding the LGBTQ and transgender restrooms, supporters and non-supporters alike are having a hay day. I’ve heard/seen so many comments and articles for or against this new policy but at this point I haven’t seen anything remotely logical. Let me explain myself.

I am a devout Christian. I believe in Jesus and follow what the Bible says. I am  adamant about my faith and strongly oppose the LGBTQ movement. I believe that the Scripture says that homosexuality/transgender lifestyle is wrong and I will share that with anyone who chooses to hear. I am not tolerant of what they believe or what they do BUT I do not hate them and I do not discriminate against them.

Putting all of my Biblical beliefs aside, I cannot find it in myself to boycott Target. Yes, I love the shopping center and frequent there quite often but that is not the reason why I will not refuse to shop there. I also am not saying that I agree with their choice to allow transgender people in whatever restroom they choose. I am simply saying that I will still go get milk, clothes, and hairspray there whenever I choose.

I know, I know. How could I tolerate such sin and immorality when I as a Christian am responsible to make stand? Me still shopping at Target is not a toleration, it IS a stand. Every time I walk through those automatic doors I am showing Target, the LGBTQs, and the world that I am not afraid. Despite the evil that may surround me, I will stand strong in what I believe too and make it known that I will not bow.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego could have taken the cowardly way out and bowed when told to by King Nebuchadnezzar but they instead chose to stand before the crowd. They may have had to endure the fire afterward, but God was with them. I feel that if I decided to stay away from Target I would be taking the cowardly way out. By choosing to avoid their establishment, I would simply be another symbol proving that they had won the battle. But when I continue to shop there, I am a symbol of defiance; I am showing that no matter how they try to make me conform to their worldviews, I will not be moved. I might have to walk through the fire thrown at me by them and my own people, but so long as I have Jesus, I will continue to stand.

Jesus was persecuted because He went and dwelled among the sinners. That is the reason that we should all the more go reach where sin resides. “But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed and do not fear their intimidation and do not be troubled…” 1 Peter 3:14 (New American Standard Bible) While it is unconventional among Christians right now to be taking the stance that I am, I have no doubt that this the right choice to make. Join me, and make a stand.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way trying to discriminate against or offend any person of the LGBTQ, Target, or the Christian community. This is my personal position and is not meant to represent anyone other than my self.


13 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Shopping At Target

  1. Sorry, but this is stupidest thing I’ve read in a while. In business world, you vote with money. Making a stance by keep spending money to a corporation you don’t agree with? Like how I can make a stance against child labor by keep buying shoes from a company known to use child labors? That’s not a stance, that’s a conformity. That’s not three Jewish boys refusing to bow, that’s them bowing. I apologize if I come across critical and rude for that is not my goal here, but this is jaw-dropping stupid and I am sorry if that hurts anyone’s feelings.

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  2. Listen, not to go against your *opinions* rather than facts of what you seem to believe strongly in, but these are the most idiotic words I’ve ever read. For being so young you shouldn’t have such strong, hateful views toward a large percentage of the population. While you say you don’t hate or discriminate against the LGBTQ community, you clearly do. You see us as evil? You see us as something that you for some reason or another need to overcome? You are filled with hatred and that is one thing God does not tolerate, you must love each and every person as you love Christ. You have no right or reason to have such strong feelings about such a large group of people, who I can guarantee every single person of the LGBTQ community has gone through more than you could ever imagine happening to you. Honestly it sickens me to see a 17 year old girl have such hatred in her heart and I hope to God you change. God is watching you, and I guarantee you’ll be in hell before a single homosexual person will.

    Maybe you should keep your negative, uneducated and plain idiotic *opinions* to yourself. The last thing this world needs is another hater.

    I will pray for you.


    1. “I am adamant about my faith and strongly oppose the LGBTQ movement. I believe that the Scripture says that homosexuality/transgender lifestyle is wrong”.<— Kristina, that is not a statement of hate. You are so easily offended. Just because someone disagrees with a lifestyle does not mean she hates the person living the lifestyle. The Bible clearly speaks out against homosexuality and that is the Word of God, the God you are speaking of. Yes, God is a God of love, but He is also a God of holiness and discipline, so God's people are called to urge fellow transgressors to repentance from such lifestyles. Yes, I use the term fellow transgressors because we all are imperfect wretched sinners without the forgiveness of Christ unless we turn from sin. Failure to point out sins and hold each other accountable is NOT love. If you are a parent, you wouldn't consider letting your child fall into transgression and have an attitude of "live and let live" without any form of discipline, yet call it love, would you?!?! The author is speaking the truth out of love, whether you hate that truth or not. Furthermore, it is not hatred or bigotry to expect people to accept the true reality of their biological parts that compose their true gender. It is simple Biology 101, not the psychological false sense of who they think they are supposed to be.


    2. Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black… It’s funny when someone does what they accuse another of doing. What a hypocrite!!!


    3. Though I’ve already said and agree that there was not much of a sounding logic or application of Word of God in this post, but that’s simply because of a thought of making a stance against the corporation by spending money to the corporation. I don’t advocate boycotting, it’s free country, people can do whatever they want to do, but don’t say you are making a statement when you aren’t.

      With that being said, if you are calling this post stupid and hateful because the blogger is opposed to something according to her faith, you ma’am are obviously being intolerant. Though I’ve found the blogger to be youthful and illogical in certain line of her thoughts, I still find her to be genuine and passionate in her faith, and I did not see any hate in the post.

      Bible does clearly speak against homosexual behaviors and blurring of sexes. When a mom stops her children from touching stove, that is an act of love, not hate. That’s what Christians are doing when they warn against sins which they sincerely believe will harm your soul. For that, I respect this blogger, and I admire her courage. Truly, only hateful Christians are silent ones… And your pastor who fails to teach the entire Bible.


    4. I am sincerely sorry that my personal opinion has offended you so greatly, but clearly you seem to have some hatred in your own heart proven by you calling me “uneducated and plain idiotic.” And thank you for your prayers. I can always use a little extra Jesus.


    5. She doesn’t have the right to have such strong feelings? By that statement you are telling another human being what they can and can not think. If someone has a different opinion than you or others, does not make their feeling and opinions any less valid just because they don’t align with what you feel or what society views as politically correct. When taking a unpopular stance is turned into “hatred”, taking a step back to remember that everyone has a right to be respected and treated in a polite manner.


    6. Can you not pray for her? Because obviously you didn’t read this article. It’s so wonderful to see a prophet such as yourself and know beyond a shadow of a doubt this young lady is so hateful. I personally know her. She doesn’t have hate in her heart. You may agitate her if you say science is lame or something like that. But comments like yours are completely inappropriate and unneeded. This lady is allowed to express her opinion and you are yours. What you aren’t able to freely do is slander my friend in such a way without me saying something. I’m the guy they send to get the boogeyman. So back off my friend! Got it?! Thought so. I SAID GOOD DAY!


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