Cali Food Journey Day 1

Hello from the west coast! The family packed up and flew to Cali for a week to visit family and see the sights. While we’re here, I’ll be chronicling all the food eaten (and maybe not eaten) because California has one of the best food experiences in the country! There is so much diversity which makes for some amazing culturally authentic dishes.

Although we’ve been here since Wednesday, today is when we got and down and dirty with some good grub.

FIRST STOP:  One Cup Cafe

At first sight this hole-in-the-wall is a tad unsightly BUT walk inside and you are greeted by the smell of delicious food and friendly employees. My brother, sister and I delighted in our breakfast: Asian bubble drinks.


Available as a smoothie, milk tea, or hot tea, I purchased a Pineapple Boba Smoothie. This classic “bubble drink” is filled at the bottom with tapioca balls or ‘Boba.’ This delicious treat is super light but very tasty and I will definitely be finding some back home in Georgia. (A more well known franchise of bubble tea is Bubbleology and can be found in many states)

NEXT STOP: Ghirardelli shop


I posted the above photo on Instagram just after our visit there. If you have never had Ghirardelli chocolate before, you really haven’t lived. They first opened shop in San Fransisco in 1962 at Fisherman’s Wharf and have been a Californian staple ever since. My family is a LARGE consumer of their products because they make the best chocolate, sundaes, ice cream, etc. If you haven’t been to Ghirardelli before, please go😍🍫

STOP #3: Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory

Oh so much fun! Such great fun for the whole family! The factory offers free tours including jelly bean sampling at the end! Our whole crew thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m positive yours will too. It’s such a treat!🍬🍭


4th STOP: Olive Oil Tasting

Just across the street from the Jelly Belly Factory was a neat little store offering an olive oil tasting. Not quite sure what to expect, the adults went inside and found a scrumptious array of olive oils and vinegars. The foodie in me had an absolute blast. There were oils like Blood Orange and California Tuscan, and vinegars from Strawberry to Coconut. So good!!!


FINAL STOP: Villa Romano🍝

After tasting such amazing oils and vinegars, our crew was on the hunt for Italian food. We found just that at a precious old house refurbished into a restaurant. The house was built in 1855.


Authentic Italian Cuisine greeted us at the door and goodness was it delicious. Below you will find some of the dishes we ordered.

Garlic Cheese Bread
3-Cheese Tortellini with Chicken
Rack of Lamb

I really don’t think I need to even comment on how savory and delicious these dishes were because the pictures speak for their selves. But nonetheless, the food was amazing!

Today was a great start to my food journey through Cali and it has made me so excited for the rest of the week! I’ll update my Instagram (@themodestmaidenblog) and Snapchat (@clackadoodledoo) throughout the day with food posts as well as some other fun stuff but you will find my full layout of each day’s food adventure HERE on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue this adventure with me!!!!🍴:)


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