Alpine Macaroni (Älplermagronen)

Try this delicious recipe for a classic Swiss dish : Älplermagronen. (It’s one of my personal favorites!) If you love mac and cheese, you’re sure to adore this hearty, Swiss version that adds sautéed onions and apple sauce. You can even add some bacon for extra flair!

More Than Just Cheese & Chocolates

swiss alps

Before I arrived in Switzerland, I thought that the best way to prepare macaroni was the all time classic mac n cheese. My favourite was San Remo instant cheese macaroni, a comfort and convenient food for me for as long as I can remember. However, not long after I was in Luzern, I found myself wolfing down this alpine macaroni (or also commonly known as Swiss-style macaroni) every time I had the chance. It is not exactly the most different from mac n cheese. But different enough for me. It is a typical farmer’s dish. Loaded with fat and carbohydrates but also simple and hassle-free to make. Which is also probably why I get it quite often at my workplace. It is rather common in the German part of Switzerland although I haven’t seen much of it in the French and Italian part of the country. I am not sure…

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