23 Things I’ve Learned After a Semester in College

College: the word that makes some people giddy and some people want to run. There’s so many stereotypes surrounding university but you can’t really know what it’s like until you’ve been there, got your hands dirty, and made at least a few messes.

Freshman year (or what part of it I’ve completed) has been a challenge in more ways than one. I’ve learned more about myself and others in this short period of time than I probably have in my whole life. So let me share with you some of the things that I’ve learned so far.

  1. College can make you cry.
  2. It’s more than just a party. It’s a life experience.
  3. You might actually miss your home.
  4. A relationship with your professors is SUPER important.
  6. “Invest in yourself before you invest in someone else.” -my roommate 🙂
  7. The urge to procrastinate gets worse. DO NOT GIVE IN.
  8. I should probably be writing that essay that’s due Friday instead of this.
  9. Also I should probably already be in bed. But who sleeps in college?
  10. You should sleep as much as you can. It’s really important to be well-rested and it WILL affect your work if you are always tired.
  11. GO TO CLASS. I repeat. GO. I always thought you could just be a casual-class-attendee but no. Your grade depends on it.
  12. Take good notes.
  13. Find a friend in each of your classes that you can study with.
  14. Speaking of friends, don’t be afraid to make them. Everyone here is just as scared and nervous as you are. So be yourself and go ask if you can sit with that lonely person in the dining hall.
  15. College is about making memories, so live a little!
  16. You can’t survive without coffee. Or Jesus. 
  17. Finals week feels like it never ends but hey, I’m here, I survived, and Winter Break is treating me well. 
  18. Family is important. Tell them you love them. 
  19. You probably won’t use your meal plan as much as you thought you would. 
  20. Your bank account stays at a steady $1.37. 
  21. College has really great free concerts.
  22. It’s hard. 
  23. It’s worth it. 

So have fun in college and enjoy the moments that come with it. It’ll go by faster than you think. 


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