I’m Apostolic & I Didn’t Go To Bible College

“Let’s lift our hands in worship”…those words have escaped my lips multiple times whether it be in a solo in church choir or leading worship in youth praise team. And if you look a little to the right, you’ll probably see me on the piano… when I’m not singing, of course. I’m that church pianist that will get to rockin’ when the beat gets going and will play with one hand on the keys and the other in the air worshipping when the Spirit gets moving.

I’ve been raised in Pentecost and I know what it’s like to have a good service and I know what it’s like to be called to ministry. Evangelists that have never laid eyes on me have prophesied what God has called me to be. They’ve told me about my life in music ministry and other things. One even told me that he saw a pen in my hand and what I was writing was going to help young people everywhere. Unless he’s been in my room somehow, there’s no way he could have known that I write worship music…but God knew.

So when I was finishing up my senior year of high school, the choice was obvious, right?


I heard it from everybody. “You’re not going to bible college?!?” For a while there, even I thought I should be going to bible college! I mean think about it. It would give me the chance to learn more deeply about the Bible, teach me to be a better pianist and worship leader, hone my skills as a songwriter, and strengthen my relationship with Jesus. That’s all I could ever ask for, right?

That’s what I thought. But prayer after prayer kept leading me away from this seemingly simple decision. And where did it put me? In biochemistry. *rolling eyes*

See, even though God has called me to ministry, He has also called me to something else.

God called me to one of the most challenging fields of study, where my faith is challenged daily. He called me to an area where I must take it upon MYSELF, not a teacher or preacher, to know His Word because I am taught false doctrine daily. A lot of what people believe about science is in direct contradiction to the Word of God and He called me to speak Truth.

God called me to a campus where I am the only Apostolic. Just me, no one else. He called me to a dark, desolate place where I’ve had to fight every day. He called me to a place that could have broken me or made me better. And every day I fight to be better. To be better for my fellow students. To be better for my campus. To be better for myself. To be better for HIM, the One who called me here.

So now I don’t fight against the fact that God didn’t call me to bible college. My friends may be there, and that’s okay. I’m where I need to be too. I’m here, where I’m called.

Let me leave you with the words of my graduation speech:

People tell me that because I’m a Christian, I cannot be a scientist. They say there is no way that I can combat the influence of atheism in the scientific community. They say I will never succeed in my career because of who I am. Well, let me tell you why they are wrong. Let me tell you why I can and will succeed. Why I CAN be a Christian and a scientist too.

I will make a great scientist because I know that God made the Heavens and the earth, the universe and everything that abides therein, and because I won’t back down against evolutionists or anyone else who says anything against it. I will be a great scientist because I am confident in what I know and believe, that God is the Creator of all life, including my own.

See, the reason I get so riled up and passionate when I speak of this is because for too long, people have been too scared and too afraid to speak out. They have been silenced by the overpowering voices of atheists in the scientific community. Because, to believe in evolution is to believe in atheism, and sadly, that is what is being taught to our children these days all over the world: that there is no God. That there is no Creator who formed you in His hand to make the beautiful masterpiece that you are.

But why is it so hard for these people to believe in God?

Atheists won’t believe in God because they explain Him and they can’t understand Him. They never will because He is all-powerful and almighty and cannot be fathomed by the minds of men. The Scripture says that “…we walk by faith, not by sight.” So because they cannot move past the natural and physical aspect of religion, they will never grasp the spiritual realm of Christianity in order to behold the wonders of God.

They that if God DOES exist, He has gone to great lengths to hide Himself from humanity. But I beg to differ.

Because throughout my life, God has gone to great lengths to SHOW Himself to me when I needed Him most. I’ve seen Him in sunrises and sunsets, in the flowery fields and in the pouring rain. I’ve seen Him in pain and despair, and in the moments of joy and happiness. I’ve seen Him in the lives of others, but most importantly, I’ve seen Him in my own. I can’t imagine a day without Him, let alone an eternity without Him. He is my breath of life and my infinite salvation. He gives me hope when I feel none and laughter when there is nothing but gloom. He made me, molded me, and shapes me day by day.

So it is with great pleasure that I take this Gospel down my science journey. For where there is no God, I will speak of Him. Where there is deception, I will present the Truth. Whether it be the church-house or a laboratory, I will never be ashamed to stand up for what I believe.

So tell me I can’t make it or that they won’t take me serious. But for every negative thing that is said to me, that is one more chance for me to prove them wrong.

Don’t ever doubt your calling. God has you exactly where He needs you to be.

~Anna Ruth


2 thoughts on “I’m Apostolic & I Didn’t Go To Bible College

  1. Not all Christians have been created for full time ministry and to work with fellow Christians on a daily basis. We’ve been created to tell people all around the world about the God almighty, and his beautiful son Jesus. It’s not about where you work, but about how you can use your knowledge about the bible and your relationship with Jesus to reach even the hardest people and areas.
    Keep up what you are doing, because it’s inspiring and a great thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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